CTL Capital was formed in 1998 to provide net lease financing for public/private projects supported by lease securitizations, asset securitizations and private placements.

Since their inception, CTL Capital remains a market leader in Structured Lease Finance. Principals of CTL have a demonstrated track record as pioneers in credit tenant lease financing, having played a leading role in the creation of the credit tenant lease financial market.

CTL Capital has completed over $14 billion in net lease financing with over $6 billion of direct loans and over $1.2 billion where CTL acted as financial advisor. Net lease financings have been secured by leases covering nearly 40 million square feet in over 30 states and throughout 6 countries.

CTL Capital offers an array of products and services to developers and investors seeking financing for commercial projects supported by credit tenant leases or other defined streams of cash flow. CTL financing is typically a long term, fixed rate loan and can include, if required, construction funds or a forward commitment. Properties that CTL Capital has financed have been leased to federal agencies, state and local governments, corporations, universities, health care providers and major retailers.